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AKC Silver Weims Born on 11/18/23
Contact Micah @ 931-801-3846



Halo is the mother to this beautiful litter. She loves to have all the attention and lives up to the Velcro name.





Neko is  a really big guy. He has a loud bark and is a great protector. 

What to know about Weims

I've read and heard a lot about ​this breed, some positive and some negative. As with every breed though, they are all different and as every human family has found, if you have more than one child each one is an individual and is different in their own way. This is the same with each pup that we list. Each pup receives individual attention and love and will end up being just what you make them. They will love you and be loyal. As with every pup or adult dog they need you, quality care and attention. Puppies require chew toys or something that their furever families allows them to destroy (lol). Puppies love to chew, tug, pull and teeth on whatever is available. So please keep this in mind when choosing your perfect furbaby. As with humans they also require food and water everyday to be happy. To stay healthy they also need their shots and wormer maintained. Weims carry the nickname the Velcro dog perfectly. They love to be with you every second if you let them. I have found through several years of interaction with our own Weims, that what you read in books about them isn't for every Weim (but I guess they just write an overall review of what they find out). Our parent Weims are family friendly, obedient well balanced dogs. They have amazing abilities with smelling things out. They will readily hunt if given the opportunity or share your personal space with you if allowed. They will be on command dogs or totally spoiled or they can be a balance of both. (ours are balanced) They can be indoors or outdoors, they love both. We love our Weims and we know you will too.

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