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Testimonials from our customers

Shadow with the Andressan Family

"She's a great dog and we all love her so much. Thank you again for sending us a great dog."

Duke with the Jones Family

"Hello there, just a short testimonial about our boy Duke. We had never had a Weimaraner before we got him. I Was kind of worried about how he would do , but after just a couple of days he had our hearts ♥️

He is such a big baby. Such a sweetheart. He likes to howl at me and it sounds like he says “I love you “ back to me when I say it to him. We all absolutely love him to pieces and would recommend this kind of dog to anyone now .

He is a gentle giant for sure.

He loves to play outside , loves to run and play with his ball and his rope and anything else he can find to “destroy”. He loves us all I believe. We love our boy Duke.

Moto with Vickie from Boston

"Thank you Donna for my beautiful baby boy Moto! From the first time we spoke on the phone until I was able to hold my boy 6 weeks later, you were so great and patient with all my requests of pictures. I flew to Nashville from Boston to pick up my baby and you guys were so amazing to come and meet me at the airport to bring me my puppy! I can't thank you enough for giving me my SUNSHINE!

Bonnie with the Tjelmeland Family in Iowa

"Micah was amazing to work with. We got our beautiful girl and she is great. Such a good puppy. She sleeps through the night, loves  to play with her sister Luna and has the best personality. Thank you so much for her, she is perfect"

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